RC21 conferences are meeting organized by a scientific and professional association. Therefore, participation in the conference requires membership in the RC21 association. If you are not a member yet, please subscribe before registering. We have kept registration fees to a strict minimum. In case of cancellations, fees will be refunded fully if you notify the organizers before June 20, 2016. After that, 50% of conference fee can be returned if notified before July 20, 2016.

RC21 membership is mandatory:

  • B-C countries: 4 years membership 12US$ - $225 MXN
  • Regular membership: 4 years membership 60US$ - $1120 MXN

Conference registration fees:

  • Late birds - Student – 100US$ - $1900 MXN
  • Late birds RC21 B-C countries – 100US$ - $1900 MXN
  • Late birds RC21 regular members – 140US$ - $2600 MXN

Online registration closed on July 17