The governance of urban vulnerability and risk management

Sergio Puente and Hector Becerril

The development of cities across the globe is strongly related to natural and anthropogenic risks (i.e. earthquakes, floods, cyclones, global warming, climate change, environmental pollution, chemical and industrial risks, etc), and the transgression of laws, transgressive practices and transgressive conditions, as an expression of “Institutional Vulnerability” and “Governance”. This session will discuss the relations, intersections and influences among urban vulnerabilities and risk, transgressive practices, and governance patterns. It welcomes papers that consider the following questions:

  • How transgressions shape the governance of urban vulnerability and risk?
  • How transgressive practices increase or reduce urban vulnerability?
  • How transgressions influence urban vulnerability and how different types of transgressions generate different vulnerabilities?
  • Integrated risk management implies a set of rules, how it can be implemented in cities where transgression to laws and transgressive practices are the rule?
  • How risk management affect the vulnerable groups in the city?
  • How vulnerability influences the transgression of regulations and urban governance?
  • How and to what extent transgressive practices limit/foster the development of integrated risk management?